How to survive level 30

Hello Pet Rescue Lovers! Today I am going to give you some tips about passing level 30 in Pet Rescue Saga. This level is a bit tricky and will take some time to complete. The objective of this game is to save 8 pets and get 15,000 points.

pet rescue saga level 30

In this level new pets fall down in boxes when you have no pets or one pet visible. The boxes appear in columns where blocks have just been removed. If you get a pet in one of the 3 columns that are at the left side of the middle play area, they can’t be saved at all. If you got two pets there, you don’t get any more boxes with pets. The trick is never click at any of the 3 left hand columns. If you do you won’t be able to complete the level. The Balloons that appears can be good, but as they can pop a block in one of the 3 “forbidden” columns and get you a pet box at the left side, the balloons are to be used very carefully. So don’t click on the balloons as soon as you see them. Take some time and then decide. The level can be completed easily just keeping a cool mind and by following these tricks.

Visit us for more tips and tricks for the levels and catch all the latest updates for Pet Rescue Saga. Till then keep saving the pets from the evil pet snatchers.

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