Saving Pets!

Hello Pet Rescue lovers! So how many pets you have saved and scored in your favorite game Pet Rescue Saga?

As you know in this game you need to save pets. On most of the Levels you have a bunch of Pets that you need to rescue from the Evil Pet Snatchers. The Pets are trapped above blocks and rescued whenever falling down to the bottom. You free the way to the bottom by bursting matching blocks below the Pets. There are also tasked levels where you need to remove a certain percentage of Blocks to pass. There is also always a certain minimum score you need to gain in order to pass any level. You also need to have a certain amount of points to clear each level and also a high percentage of the blocks removed by your own actions. If the blocks disappear from the level by hitting the ceiling you can fail the level, because they are not cleared by you.

pet rescue saga 1


Saving pets gets you 1,000 points each, which can often make the difference when trying to beat that 3-star goal. The other clear bonus of doing this is that saving pets is usually a goal for most levels. Here is a tip for you; if you have a lot of pets to rescue on a particular level, try to avoid the screen dropping below the pets as this makes it very hard to pass the level. When a pet is at the bottom of the board about to be set free it takes a few seconds before it actually disappears – this means the blocks stay in place for a while and allows you to make more block matches before the board adjusts to the lack of pets.

Pet- Rescue -Saga 2

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