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Pet Rescue Saga is a puzzle game. Like any other match 3 games, here you have to match at least 3 tiles together. Moreover as the name indicates here you have to save pets. On each level, players are presented with a grid of colored gems and must clear as many as possible by clicking on groups of two or more like-colored stones that are touching. Another twist is that the player builds up a charge on a “rocket” at the side of the screen as they match larger groups of gems, and when fully charged this may be used to immediately clear an on-screen column. You also need to have a certain amount of points to clear each level and also a high percentage of the blocks removed by your own actions. If the blocks disappear from the level by hitting the ceiling you can fail the level, because they are not cleared by you.

pet rescue saga


Players are also able to see how they stack up against their friends on a leaderboard for each level, and brag about their score if they beat someone.

As you complete further levels, more boosters are unlocked. These are introduced one at a time, usually with a single “free trial” object to demonstrate how it works, and are then purchased using in-game currency, which is either earned during play or acquired through a real money transaction. Only the Block Buster Booster is a power up which is free to use.

block buster

In this game there is an energy system stated as “Lives”. When you failed to complete a level one “Life” goes away. At a time a player has 5 Lives. If you want more coins for Pet rescue Saga then you should send many lives to friends, as it seems that lives then are returned to you by your friends and they turn into 100 coins whenever you receive a life and already have a full life cap.

Pet Rescue Saga is a cute adventure match 3 game of You will spend hours after it and get addicted. Our site will help you to get all the latest updates, news and game tips of Pet Rescue Saga. Stay with us and play Pet Rescue Saga.